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Re: Current bpo version of pv-menu-lst results in unusable root(/dev/xvda,0)

On Sun, 2014-11-30 at 09:43 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
> Hi guys,
> pv-grub-menu 1.2.1~bpo70+1, the version currently in wheezy-backports,
> produces a menu.lst which contains "root(/dev/xvda,0)" which pv-grub
> fails to parse (see e.g. [0]), it needs "root(hd0,0) to work (I think
> pygrub is happy with either form).
> I've backported 1.3 and it works and produces hd0 (I think that was the
> subject of the commits to do with not assuming a device.map was
> present).

I was installing pv-grub-menu using preseeding of
apt-setup/local0/repository to configure backports and pkgsel/include of
pv-grub-menu/wheezy-backports to install[0]. Switching to using a late
command to setup backports and install pv-grub-menu seems to work just
fine with the version currently in bpo, I suppose because a device.map
has been created by the grub by that point.

But even so, is there any reason not to upload 1.3 to backports?


[0] which was leading to unrelated strange behaviour by causing iproute,
ifupdown and isc-dhcp-client from wheezy to be uninstalled in favour of
iproute2 from wheezy-backports. Very odd!

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