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Re: Current bpo version of pv-menu-lst results in unusable root(/dev/xvda,0)

Le Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 12:07:09PM +0000, Ian Campbell a écrit :
> But even so, is there any reason not to upload 1.3 to backports?

Hi Ian,

thanks for your interest in pv-grub-menu.  Please feel free to upload 1.3 to
backports, but before please check if uploads are still welcome in general (I
think I remember an email on the bpo mailing list a couple of weeks ago, with a
post-freeze policy).

Also, pv-grub-menu is in collab-maint, so do not hesitate to improve the
package.  On my side, I think that I will be unable to work on it in the short
term (newborn at home).

Have a nice Sunday,


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