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Current bpo version of pv-menu-lst results in unusable root(/dev/xvda,0)

Hi guys,

pv-grub-menu 1.2.1~bpo70+1, the version currently in wheezy-backports,
produces a menu.lst which contains "root(/dev/xvda,0)" which pv-grub
fails to parse (see e.g. [0]), it needs "root(hd0,0) to work (I think
pygrub is happy with either form).

I've backported 1.3 and it works and produces hd0 (I think that was the
subject of the commits to do with not assuming a device.map was

Any objections if I upload 1.3~bpo70+1 to wheezy-backports?

BTW, the git repo appears to be missing tags for 1.2.1 and 1.2.1~bpo70
+1, Thomas do you happen to have them sitting accidentally unpushed in a
repo somewhere? I think 1.2.1 corresponds to 2e0f1ffc7d6b so you or I
could trivially recreate a tag if needed, and 1.2.1~bpo70 could be
reproduced trivially from the .dsc too from the looks of it.

Is the preferred form for a bpo tag "wheezy-backports/1.3_bpo70+1"?
(c.f. the unstable/1.3 tag)



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