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Re: AWS EC2: Debian Wheezy 7.5 AMIs available

Dnia 2014-05-01, czw o godzinie 23:49 +0800, James Bromberger pisze:
[ cut ]
> If you wish, you can effectively clone the AMIs into your account, and
> then you can keep them for as long as you want.  I'd recommend this
> for production AutoScale Groups - if you have a copy of the AMI in
> your account (ie; your snapshot) then they are completely under your
> control. This is probably a good thing regardless of what operating
> system AMIs you are using. 

Also, if you want to, you can create your own manifest
and use bootstrap-vz to build your own AMIs (or other images).
This will allow for you to tailor images to your own needs (e.g by
adding needed packages) and will give your full management over
created AMIs.

Best regards.

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