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Re: Using openssh package from backports in backports debian image on GCE

On 1 April 2014 20:30, olivier sallou <olivier.sallou@gmail.com> wrote:

2014-03-31 20:37 GMT+02:00 Himanshu Vasishth <hvasishth@google.com>:

Yes, we are planning to add new entry to /etc/apt/preferences. Take a look at https://github.com/google/build-debian-cloud/pull/5/files for the exact changes.

And yes we should add manifest entries for it in the bootstrap-vz based code you have been working on. I will send out a patch for it.

in bootstrap-vz,  you can define in the manifest a set of mirrors and then list the packages to install from defined mirrors.

Something like : mirrors : [ backport1 , ... ]
                        packages : [ { 'openssh' : 'backport1' } ]

this is not exact syntax but this is the idea....



On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Tomasz Rybak <tomasz.rybak@post.pl> wrote:
Dnia 2014-03-24, pon o godzinie 08:58 -0700, Himanshu Vasishth pisze:
> Hey folks
> I just wanted to follow up on this and see if there is any feedback on
> this. Should I assume that silence means there are no concerns? Please
> let me know.

How do you intend to introduce this change? I assume that you'll add
new entry to /etc/apt/preferences.

I've been working on moving scripts building GCE images to bootstrap-vz;
you can find the latest version in my repository:
in branch gce.
There is task in providers.gce.tasks.apt.PreferKernelsFromBackports
which makes apt prefer kernels from backports.
It creates file in /etc/apt/preferences; maybe, if there is more
people interested in using packages from backports, it would
make sense to add manifest entry describing such cases?

Best regards.

Tomasz Rybak  GPG/PGP key ID: 2AD5 9860
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gpg key id: 4096R/326D8438  (keyring.debian.org)
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Close but no cigar. It's "sources" actually: http://andsens.github.io/bootstrap-vz/manifest.html#packages
"mirror" is a single string setting to specify the "default" apt mirror.

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