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Ideas for a trusted service to find official cloud "Image IDs" and "Images"?

Basically something like http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/
but for Debian, and all our various cloud images, including Azure,
GCE, OpenStack, Euca, etc.

This would aim to provide more trusted data than a wiki, would be more
convenient than searching email archives for gpg signed release
messages, and also allow for a clean place to link to from

Some thoughts:
1) Only DDs can update the data. Presumably only those that are
maintaining said official images. ACL would be set to a set of
individual DDs per cloud service provider, who are maintaining the
images for said cloud.
2) It should support multiple cloud providers
3) I'd be willing to help outline the functionality, fields, etc, but
not being a developer, I couldn't implement it. (I'd also need help
mapping out metadata with every other service than AWS.)
4) Thinking we'd work with DSA to setup a URL like http://cloudimages.debian.org

Any issues with this idea? Does anyway have the skills and time to
help implement it?


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