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Re: AWS summits

Dnia 2014-03-30, nie o godzinie 11:11 -0700, Jimmy Kaplowitz pisze:
> Heh, I didn't think a thread entitled "AWS summits" would be so GCE
> focused, or otherwise something I should focus on given my employer.
> Well done proving me wrong. :)

Sorry - it started with me asking who goes on AWS summit, and then
it grew and grew...
As for cloud summits - it's a pity there was so little time between
announcement of GCE summits and their dates. I was not able
to go there.

> Yeah we've noticed some timing issues around kpartx too; gcimagebundle
> (one of the tools we install) has started to use the -s option to
> kpartx and also calls sync after umount. Those make it more fully
> synchronous.

Thanks so much for this tip! If it works, I guess we shall be
able to merge my changes into bootstrap-vz and more work
will follow.

Best regards.

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