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Re: Building GCE images with bootstrap-vz

2014-02-19 21:55 GMT+01:00 Tomasz Rybak <tomasz.rybak@post.pl>:
Sorry everyone - I'll resume  working on bootstrap-vz
and provide some details on work on GCE next week.
Now I need to fix my packages and try to catch up
with non-computer-related world ;-)

Hi Tomasz,
I had a look at the code and have a few remarks:

You update some fs partition file, adding:


I just wonder about the reason of such a sleep.

In the gce manifest, you add some packages:

"google-compute-daemon, google-startup-scripts, python-gcimagebundle..."

Specific gce required packages could be added  in gce provider tasks instead of asking user to add those in manifest. As those packages are required, it would be best to automatically add them within the provider.

Example: providers/kvm/tasks/packages.py, in DefaultPackages task: 

Could do the same for gce required packages.
Best, of course, would be to get those packages directly in Debian instead of using Google mirror.

Regarding NTP setup, it would be fine to use a plugin that sets NTP instead of specific code (could be useful for different providers I think).

This task downloads files from a remote location (at Google). Should not the gsutil code source provided within bootstrap-vz waiting for an official Debian package ?
With a download at each image creation, we do not know the version of gsutil downloaded files nor, in case of remote modifications, if image remains "stable" across builds.


Best regards.

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