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Re: Moving GCE scripts to Python

Hi Tomasz,

As explained at https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/gcutil/, a transition is currently underway to move from standalone utilities like gcutil and gsutil to a unified Google Cloud SDK. This got initiated before anyone had built a gsutil deb; we're thinking that packaging gsutil should now be done as part of packaging Cloud SDK. We'll reach out to Debian about that effort, but we're first fixing some related issues to make that easier.

On newly built images, there should be no need to upgrade gcutil; via the pigeon repository we provide a deb of gcutil 1.13.0, which again is temporary until proper Cloud SDK packaging occurs. We will probably update the official Debian images soon since Debian 7.4 will be released this weekend.

A related note is that, although the Cloud SDK includes gsutil as well as gcutil, the gsutil web page currently still describes the tar-based installation method.

Therefore, for now it's simplest to port the current logic for both gcutil and gsutil. We appreciate your help on this transition!

- Jimmy

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 11:20 AM, Tomasz Rybak <tomasz.rybak@post.pl> wrote:
Thanks for all the replies. I went offline for the weekend,
but now I'm back and ready to incorporate all the tips you all

Question to Jimmy.
In old gce scripts there is one script downloading and unpacking
gsutil (tasks/gce/25-install-gsutil).
It seems that now gsutil is included in gcutil - at least it got
installed by gcutil when I upgraded it. Should I change
list of installed debs (retrieved from pigeon repository) to include
gsutil, run gcutil to install gsutil itself, or leave situation
as is now, i.e. downloading and unpacking binaries from

Best regards.

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