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Re: python branch of build-debian-cloud released as bootstrap-vz

Dnia 2014-02-03, pon o godzinie 18:00 +0100, Anders Ingemann pisze:
> Hi everybody
> The python branch of build-debian-cloud has been released under the
> name bootstrap-vz.
> The existing build-debian-cloud repository was a mix of bugreports
> from the shell and python version.
> The forks were a mess, some people had worked on the shell version
> while others coded on the python version. I decided to rip off the
> band-aids and make a clean cut.
> The new repo is available at https://github.com/andsens/bootstrap-vz
> There is still loads of documentation to be written, but I will try to
> get it done as soon as possible.

Thanks for the information, I forked repository and shall move
my GCE-related changes there.

> I have deleted the python branch in the old repo to avoid any
> confusion and to prevent people from pulling the wrong remote, it'll
> break stuff, but it will certainly make it easier to maintain in the
> future.
> Tomasz: Remember the taskoverview we talked about? It's a work in
> progress but I hope that it at least is of some use to you (hover over
> a node to see its name, the color coding is per module)

Wow! It looks really nice, although seems to only take ~800px on
the screen (regardless on browser window size) and nodes constantly
move. I tested it on Iceweasel from unstable, 24.2.0.

BTW - I'm subscribed to the list, there is no need to put me into CC.

Best regards.

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