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Long-overdue slides and notes from the DC13 official Debian images BoF


At DebConf13, we had a great rollicking discussion about public clouds and official Debian image status, prompted by a few slides by me but the discussion was the best part. Here are some notes from the discussion. 

- Zack: might need a cloud release team to decide what goes into cloud
images and bridge release cycle differences
- folks linked to Amazon/OpenStack/Google:
  - Cloud is just a new “architecture” for Debian to support
  - Maybe put tools for all clouds in a unified cloud image
  - Security lockdowns are important for cloud, or possibly everyone
- Some people like “Official Debian” trust
- Lucas: official images should use Debian practices e.g. Alioth not
Github, packages in main, and may not be necessary for Google
- Zack and me: 'main' might not have to mean stable, and could include
e.g. backports from unstable
- almost everyone: “Debian Inspired” images with proprietary code, etc
a “slippery slope", don't do this

Thanks to my colleague David for writing this up a day or two later -
I've adapted these from his. They weren't written during the talk so
I'm sure things got left out.

There's also full video online from the video team. Here's one version:

Lucas gave me some thoughts privately when I sent this to him a while back, but I'll leave it to him to repost his thoughts publicly.

I just published the slides to Penta, but since Penta's attachment export for the anonymous view is broken and they're only ~120K, I'm attaching them to this email as well. If you redistribute the slides, it would make Google happiest if you include a link to the video so that everyone reading then has all the context easily available to them. Please pardon the few visual glitches that occurred during export to PDF format.

- Jimmy

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