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Re: Debian cloud images for OpenStack?

> On 07/05/2013 02:58 PM, Juerg Haefliger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm responsible for the image catalog in the HP Cloud
>> (www.hpcloud.com) which runs OpenStack. I'm in the process of pushing
>> a Debian 7.1 image which should hit public as soon as HP legal is
>> happy with it (which means it can only be a matter of weeks). I
>> noticed that you guys build EC2 images but I couldn't find any
>> OpenStack images. I'm wondering if you are willing to work together to
>> build OpenStack compliant images? This would ensure that always
>> up-to-date images are available and also supported by the community.
>> At the moment, I'm building the images for our cloud but I don't have
>> the bandwidth to update those images on a regular basis with the
>> latest security updates and bug fixes.
>> Best
>> ...Juerg
> Hi Juerg,
> I'm the maintainer of OpenStack in Debian.
> I have made a package to build OpenStack images. It contains a simple
> shell script and some dependencies, plus a man page. I have uploaded it
> a long time ago, but it is currently waiting for the FTP masters
> approval (eg: it's waiting in the NEW queue). However, you may find a
> version available from here:
> http://archive.gplhost.com/debian/pool/grizzly/main/o/openstack-debian-images/
> It doesn't use libvirt, like Jeff did, because I thought it was more
> flexible and faster the way I did (eg: using debootstrap directly
> without using the Debian installer).
> Currently, to run it, you need to drop in your current directory the
> following debs:
> http://archive.gplhost.com/debian/pool/grizzly-backports/main/c/cloud-init/cloud-init_0.7.2-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
> http://archive.gplhost.com/debian/pool/grizzly-backports/main/c/cloud-initramfs-tools/cloud-initramfs-growroot_0.18.debian3~bpo70+1_all.deb
> http://archive.gplhost.com/debian/pool/grizzly-backports/main/c/cloud-utils/cloud-utils_0.26-2~bpo70+1_all.deb
> I have uploaded these to debian-backports, though it is also waiting for
> the FTP masters approval to get in.
> The final goal of this is to be able to add the build of Debian Wheezy
> images together with the Debian CD. However, this can only happen after
> these packages are approved in Debian (we insist that things in Debian
> must be built only out of things in Debian, which is normal, I believe).
> Feel free to use the above. I am adding the FTP Masters to the loop,
> maybe they may find a bit of time to review the packages (it seems they
> have been busy over the last months, as the NEW queue is growing).
> I also invite anyone to contribute to the script inside the
> openstack-debian-images.

There are pros and cons for using a libvirt-based approach for
building images versus a distro-specific non-libvirt method like
debootstrap. In my case, I need to build different flavors of images,
including Windows, and it makes more sense to use the distro's
installer in a virtualized environment rather than having to maintain
per-distro specific install scripts/tools. If a distro provider
chooses a particular tool to create images, I'm in no position to
question that decisions. I'm simply saying that it makes more sense
for me to use a libvirt-based approach. For that reason I like Oz
(https://github.com/clalancette/oz) which adds another layer of
abstraction on top of libvirt although I haven't really used it yet
but it seems to gain in popularity and is already used by other
distros to build images, if I'm not mistaken.


> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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