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Re: (dist)-upgrades

Den 2 jun 2013 20:07 skrev "Thomas Goirand" <zigo@debian.org>:
> On 06/02/2013 06:48 PM, Anders Jackson wrote:
> > OK, then why call it Personal Package Archive (PPA) if it isn't a PPA?
> > That is to practically asking to get comments like mine.
> Probably because the new name hasn't been coined? I'm not sure. I am not
> responsible for this name.

But you used that name.

> >> No it wont. In backports, we will only be able to support a single
> >> version of OpenStack, when upstream really is supporting 2.
> >
> > It can be worked around, by using meta packages and version named
> > packages so the released version is supported in the Debian repository
> > and new versions of OpenStack are added somewhere else like backports,
> > testing or wherever.
> I simply wouldn't have the time for such design. I'm practically alone
> doing all the packaging work, and that's quite huge.

Thanks for a great job. They look nice, I am on the way of installing by the wiki.debian.org  instructions.

> > And how is this going to be done, with Debian being released each
> > second-third year and OpenStack have a new release each 6 months? How
> > are the plans to support that?
> I'll try to make it possible to upgrade from Essex to the "J" release.
> But we're not there yet.

OK, as I'm not doing the work now, you could ignore my post, but I appreciate you take time to answer.

Using OpenStack version name as a suffix on package names for supported versions of OpenStack in backports would allow two (or more) versions in the repository and also make witch version in use obvious and old obsolete versions would also be removed from backports when upgrading to next versions. For instance, install openstack-latest or openstack-stable would select the right named versions.

But as I'm not familiar with the workflow you use, I am probably wrong.

> > So don't use the same name. Make up something different, like Debian
> > Project Repository (DPR),  DPA or whatever.
> Some people told about DPA yeah. Though again, I'm not the one that will
> make such decision / naming.

That or bikeshed would not confused me, at least. ;-)

> Thomas

Thanks for your work on packing OpenStack. It is most appreciated, even if I may not sound that when I write here.


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