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Re: (dist)-upgrades

On 06/02/2013 06:48 PM, Anders Jackson wrote:
> OK, then why call it Personal Package Archive (PPA) if it isn't a PPA? 
> That is to practically asking to get comments like mine.

Probably because the new name hasn't been coined? I'm not sure. I am not
responsible for this name.

>> No it wont. In backports, we will only be able to support a single
>> version of OpenStack, when upstream really is supporting 2.
> It can be worked around, by using meta packages and version named
> packages so the released version is supported in the Debian repository
> and new versions of OpenStack are added somewhere else like backports,
> testing or wherever.

I simply wouldn't have the time for such design. I'm practically alone
doing all the packaging work, and that's quite huge.

> And how is this going to be done, with Debian being released each
> second-third year and OpenStack have a new release each 6 months? How
> are the plans to support that?

I'll try to make it possible to upgrade from Essex to the "J" release.
But we're not there yet.

> So don't use the same name. Make up something different, like Debian
> Project Repository (DPR),  DPA or whatever.

Some people told about DPA yeah. Though again, I'm not the one that will
make such decision / naming.


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