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Re: Wheezy AMIs now in all regions

>Would be great if we can get a few people to test. I'll be AFK for the
>next few hours, but hope to pick up on Charle's Instance Store AMIs
>this afternoon. HVM will have to wait to later in the week.


I just tried to set up an instance in Sydney (AP-Southeast-2) and
can't seem to find the relevant AMI (64-bit ami-2975e513).

I don't have much experience with EC2 yet so it might just be that I'm
not looking in the right place, but after failing to find it via the
Quick Launch Wizard I've tried looking in the Community AMI's list of
the Classic Wizard. I can't seem to find a match for any of the listed
AMI ID's in the Sydney region.

I wouldn't want to clutter the mailing-list with a tutorial on how to
locate the AMI's but thought it worthwhile providing some feedback in
case there is a mistake with the AMI ID's.


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