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Re: Please let's not talk about "clouds"

    > I don't know what Eucalyptus or OpenStack do.  Are you saying that these
    > programs create and manage virtual computers on top of Debian?

    No. I wrote that they are IaaS cloud orchestration software.

Sorry, I do not understand the distinction.  "Cloud" is so vague it
could be any sort of thingumajig.  "Orchestration" probably means
something specific, but I don't know what the meaning is.

    Eucalyptus or OpenStack contain an hypervisor to actually do the
    virtualization. They *use* some hypervisors to do IaaS. That is very

Maybe so, but can you tell me what the difference is?

    This wouldn't work. Let's say you installed cloud-init in a virtual
    machine image, then try to load that in Virtualbox, KVM, or Xen, without
    any IaaS cloud orchestration software. Then cloud-init would be waiting
    forever to reach the metadata server.

So "cloud-init" is intended to get data from "IaaS thingumajig
orchestration" software.  At least that is one concrete fact.

Perhaps it should be called "vm-orchestration-init", to indicate that
it inits the virtual machine in conjunction with orchestration
software.  That way it would be clear that, if you are using a virtual
machine without orchestration software, you should not run this

    So yeah, these images should really be called "cloud images", 

Nothing in computing should be called "cloud", because too many
different things are being called "cloud" and that is confusing.

Perhaps "orchestrated virtual machine images".

    It is also quite obvious
    that we are talking about IaaS here, and not anything else.

It may be obvious _to you_, because you work with this often, but
there is plenty of confusion for those who are not specialists like

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