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Re: Please let's not talk about "clouds"

I want to add a bit of more user-like perspective to the discussion. I hope this is ok and not to much off-topic.

On 21.04.2013 03:05, Richard Stallman wrote:
> "Cloud computing" is the wrong kind of generalization -- it includes
> cases that raise totally different issues.  To have a sensible
> discussion we should focus first on the different kinds of network
> services, to see which of them are inherently bad and find the ethical
> rules for the other kinds.

I would totally agree. Simply because I am confused by many of those 'cloudy' terms that are around. As a consequence I am unable to judge about some of these concepts while I have clear personal opinions in general.

On 21.04.2013 16:33, Brian Gupta wrote:
> Cloud Computing - The use of computing resources that are delivered
> over a network as a service. Generally Cloud computing services are
> broken down into three subcategories:

Your listing made things clearer for me. But I am missing 'positive' definitions in these categories! My personal aim is to provide hosted solutions for people around me which want to avoid putting all their mail/data/communication to Google etc. Simultaneously I aim to provide the documentation (and code) to reproduce the complete setup. I would like to see this category added as counter-concept.

I sometimes read that Debian propagates 'deploy your own cloud'. The above is what I understood as deploying a own cloud. But maybe it is necessary to find a new term for advertising the 'own cloud'? Or I totally got it wrong and I am not deploying my own cloud :)

On 22.04.2013 09:40, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> When this list was created, I thought we would talk about Eucalyptus,
> OpenStack and XCP. I was very disappointed when I could read things
> about Azure and AWS, which Debian tried to "support".

I also was disappointed because I thought that I would find help for deploying what I wrote above. That's because Google, Dropbox, etc. services are also referred to as 'cloud'.

What I'm doing is maybe one of the most native things you could do with a Debian: Setup robust internet services on some machine. Still I would be happy if there is a term that I could refer to if a want to provide free, transparent and replaceable 'SaaS'. Especially because there is a lot to do, to make some web-software 'as tasty' as non-free SaaS appears for users.

On 21.04.2013 07:26, Chris Fordham wrote:
> Personally, I don't understand why Debian Cloud needs a philosophy at all. > Doing so puts us at risk of making such strange statements that also don't
> exactly come across positive either.

At least it would be nice if Debian makes all those 'cloudy' terms transparent for the user. Then everyone can decide which solution fit's her or his philosophy.

I would further appreciate support for free, transparent and replaceable 'SaaS'. Where can I find like-minded people around the Debian project?


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