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Re: Debian on Azure - vmdepot

On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 05:22:02PM +0000, Jose Miguel Parrella Romero wrote:
> The difference is that the Azure team formally test those images, and
> as Pierre pointed, VM Depot images are tested by the community.

Sure. ... but still, the question of how do we get in the (more
visible!) list of images formally-tested-by-the-Azure-team is a valid

Don't forget that at present Debian is, among other things, the most
popular OS for GNU/Linux-based Web service deployment. We definitely
want to be visible on public clouds that will be used more and more in
the future for that kind of deployments in the future. As long as we can
prepare 100% free VMs, and do so in accordance with Debian principles, I
see no reason why we shouldn't aim at being first class citizens in any
public cloud setting out there.

Hope this clarifies the goal.

Regarding how to get there, let's wait for Wheezy release, as discussed
with Pierre, and then we'll see.

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