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RE: [review] waagent: Windows Azure Linux Agent (part4)


I apologize for being a bit disconnected. I've actually been working on the topic, and willing to support the packaging efforts. I can add ideas to the review process and work more closely with Arnaud if necessary, as well as making some upstream connections when necessary although I don't "own" it. I will throw in some ideas now:

> From: arnaud.patard@rtp-net.org


> I know that userspace is a little bit too "high level" for me but
> please, don't call me stupid. I've heard that azure was 64bit only (I've
> no link, sorry) and also someone told me he didn't managed to boot i386
> debian on azure while amd64 version worked nicely. The only remaning

I can confirm that neither 32-bit squeeze nor wheezy can run on Azure out of the box. I tried upgrading kernels, grub and other workarounds to no avail. The other Linux images there are amd64, and so are the Windows ones. Using x86, the VM is stuck in provisioning state until timeout. Using latest wheezy netinst for amd64 works nicely and out of the box with no kernel upgrade necessary and just using the waagent package that Arnaud has been working on.

> oh. weird. I was assuming that the lack of registration in azure
> (because there's no agent for freebsd) would kill the vm sooner or
> later. The "privisionning" issue on this page may be related to missing
> agent.

Hyper-V can run FreeBSD. But while not having the agent doesn't kill the VM, it's absolutely unmanageable. I don't think it's a supported scenario in Azure at all. An unprovisioned VM will timeout in Azure and become not usable.


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