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Re: [review] waagent: Windows Azure Linux Agent (part4)

Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> writes:

> On Mon, 17 Dec 2012 11:32:05 +0100
> Arnaud Patard (Rtp) <arnaud.patard@rtp-net.org> wrote:
>> no, I'm not using all on purpose. The azure vm can only by x86_64 (azure
>> can't run 32bit systems). As I don't want any bug report about azure not
>> working on 32bits systems, I've limitted the arch to amd64.
>  No, don't do that. It's obviously "arch: all" package if azure cannot
>  run i386... really? I cannot find such restriction and doubt why it'd
>  be limited to 64bit since amd64 host can run i386 VMs, you know.

I know that userspace is a little bit too "high level" for me but
please, don't call me stupid. I've heard that azure was 64bit only (I've
no link, sorry) and also someone told me he didn't managed to boot i386
debian on azure while amd64 version worked nicely. The only remaning
possibility would be kernel 64bit+32bit userspace but it may leads to
bugs due to missing/buggy ioctl32 compat and I guess that installing
such a thing is not for random dev/admin so they would probably now how
to handle that.

>  And rpm package also specifies "WALinuxAgent-1.0-1.noarch.rpm"- noarch 
>  = arch: all . They misunderstood?
>  There is a guy who runs even FreeBSD on WindowsAzure :)
>  http://buchizo.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/freebsd-on-windows-azure-vms-en/

oh. weird. I was assuming that the lack of registration in azure
(because there's no agent for freebsd) would kill the vm sooner or
later. The "privisionning" issue on this page may be related to missing

>  Debian also has kfreebsd-amd64 arch, then will put 2 _same binaries_ on
>  Debian archive, we should avoid it.

If you manage to get this working, I'll change it back to arch: all :)

>> I knew about this one but is it really possible that someone ends up
>> without net-tools on their system ?
>  Why you ignore test results? Probably you don't put false alert every
>  time piuparts runs on piuparts.debian.org...

Tests are one thing, reality an other. If I use debootstrap, I'll get
net-tools. So, how can you have a system without it ?

Anyway, I've added the dep on my git tree.

>> > ------------------------------------------------------
>> >
>> >  and it seems to be that waagent itself also has "delete" function, so
>> >  I doubt it should be done in maintainer script or not...
>> There's a -uninstall command line argument but afaik, it should not be
>> used unless you want to kill your vm, so it's best to remove theses
>> files only on purge. Eg. if you call -uninstall on upgrade, you'll loose
>> your vm. The problem is that on purge, waagent will be gone, so one can't
>> call it to remove the files.
>  Okay, I should investigate and test waagent script more, thanks.

To be clearer, if you use uninstall, it'll remove stuff like
/var/lib/waagent which contains machine specific data (provisionning
datas) and sudoers infos. If you remove this, the vm will loose its ids.
This has been experienced by people on ubuntu:


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