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User categories for the pseudopackage cloud.debian.org on the BTS.

# Let's start with the following categories.
# Machine Images: bugs related to the machine images that we distribute,
#                 for instance if we find non-free software in, if they
#                 are out of date, etc.
# Infrastructure: bugs related to system of production and distribution
#                 of the machine images.
# Documentation:  Things to add or correct in the documentation.
# Packages:       Packages to prepare, modify or update in order to provide
#                 a better user experience.

user cloud.debian.org@packages.debian.org

usercategory issue-type
 * Issue Type [tag=]
 + Machine Images [image]
 + Infrastructure [infrastructure]
 + Documentation  [documentation]
 + Packages       [package]
 + Uncategorized  []

usercategory normal
 * status
 * issue-type
 * severity

usertag 693094 package
usertag 672104 package
usertag 693198 package
usertag 693945 package


Please suggest corrections or further improvements, and forgive me if it has to
go through trial-and-errror and generate a bit of traffic.


Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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