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Re: Noob, with questions

On Mon, 2011-11-14 at 09:11 -0500, Doug Blank wrote:
> Hello debian-cli,
> Hi, I'm attempting to help connect developers to places that need to
> be worked on and maintained in the Mono ecosystem, and also help
> specifically on parts myself. So, some questions:
> 1) I see on debian-release that Mono 2.10 is preparing to transition.
> Is there more information on this, other than [1]? I'm wondering if
> there is a group-blog or something about people working on (or around)
> the mono cli framework, and commenting on status, hints, etc? Is there
> a collection of useful links?

Anything that isn't in the wiki tends to be discussed on IRC.

> 2) What is the relationship between debian cli support and Ubuntu cli
> support? How is Ubuntu supporting Mono 2.10.5, which is listed as
> "Debian 2.10.5-1"? What is the relationship?

Ubuntu's Mono packages are more or less Debian's, give or take the
occasional ARM patch. "mono -v" mentions Debian on Ubuntu because I
didn't patch it not to - it's basically the same package as is currently
in Debian Experimental.

> 3) Are there changes to Mono, or other information, that other
> distro-builders would benefit from? For example, if another group were
> building an RPM for Mono, is there any communication between these
> build groups?

We're fairly communicative with upstream (read: chat on #mono on
GIMPnet), but it's rare that other distro packagers show up. I also know
the Gentoo Mono packager via Twitter. There's a mothballed
mono-packagers@ximian mailing list, but it sorta died a long time ago.

> 4) FYI, I'm working on dlr-languages and hope to have my current,
> rough draft up on a repository this week.

Neato, we were worried we'd have to drop it entirely. From a quick look,
it seemed happy enough to build and run - the challenge was making a
legally redistributable source tarball from the complete mess that is
upstream's source repository.

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