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Re: New cinnamon version and possible improve to salsa gits

Il 12/06/2022 21:51, Fabio Fantoni ha scritto:
Il 10/06/2022 22:34, Fabio Fantoni ha scritto:

I suggest you to do additional check on packages where I already did major of work, I think is good a second check of another maintaner to find possible my mistake or something I missed, for example for now I start prepared fast (but not tested) xapp and python-xapp that are only minor version for upload to unstable (when ready and tested) if you want start check them

@Joshua: I did a fast test of xapp and python-xapp ( http://debomatic-amd64.debian.net/distribution#unstable ), if you want do a check and/or test before the upload to unstable (as only minor changes that don't need to be released together cinnamon 5.4)

Small update:

xapp and python-xapp was uploaded to unstable, shortly newer xapp upstream version was uploaded, as have only one minor commit I'll wait to do another upload for now.

cinnamon-menus, cinnamon-screensaver, nemo-python and nemo-fileroller 5.4.0 are only version bump so don't need to have strict version deps/reverse-deps with other 5.4 components and experimental upload, anyway I'll wait for upload (probably before upload to experimental of the others) as cinnamon 5.4 is still in development (if will upstream will add something also to them) and debian changes to these packages are minimal

cinnamon-translation 5.4.0 was uploaded to master branch but will need upload with other 5.4 components as strings added/removed are specific to major version, anyway can stay in master branch as probability of urgent fix to unstable is very low for this package

about other components for now I started prepare cinnamon-desktop and cjs and I'll continue to work on others

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