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Re: New cinnamon version and possible improve to salsa gits

Il 10/06/2022 21:33, Joshua Peisach ha scritto:
Hi list,

I know. The muffin rebase is big and it's a huge work of standardizing code from years ago. I was honestly too afraid to contribute upstream as I did not want the muffin rebase to mess any of my work or ideas up.

To make things easier for you, I'll update some of the extra packages (nemo-fileroller and other miscellaneous stuff not really impacted by the rebase) and mark them as 'experimental' in changelog. This will need a lot of QA, and soon I'll get the UCR 22.10 builds working. My school year ends on the 22nd.

Thanks for reply, as I saw other times you did "release" commit even when not well tested and ready, is good to keep "UNRELEASED" until will be ready and tested

if you don't have enugh time/experience I suggest to don't try start 5.4 package for now I'll start doing it checking better on all 5.4 packages instead, I started to work cjs for now that also it was rebased on newer gjs version and I not tested before (I did some test on the components of muffin rebase and related things instead in these months)

I suggest you to do additional check on packages where I already need major of work, I think is good a second check of another maintaner to find possible my mistake or something I missed, for example for now I start prepared fast (but not tested) xapp and python-xapp that are only minor version for upload to unstable (when ready and tested) if you want start check them

another thing I suggest you to continue your work on additional packages (if you still want), for example nemo-audio-tab was sponsored and uploaded but rejected by ftp master and need fix and nemo-compare need small update if I remember good and after probably is ready (another check can be good)

looking https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=itzswirlz2020@outlook.com I think is good you update other packages you maintain, from a fast look, for example cppimport and pyupgrade have new upstream version

about cinnamon related package as wrote in past you have many ITP open from long time, I think is good close the ones you will not complete and the ones is good to not packaging like pix for example, mint did many fork of software that maintain too low and is not very good (recently instead they did a good thing removing one fork about bluetooth and contributing to blueman instead), there is also cinnamon-dev-tools that have broken link of source to one your repository

As for upstream imports, I just do whatever gbp import-orig does. Most of the time (see https://salsa.debian.org/math-team/sc-im or my cppimport package) it will be one commit for all of upstream and not contain commit history upstream. That fine?
like other team and maintainers me, maxy and marga we used to add upstream repository and merge upstream tag including the upstream git history instead only import the source tar of the new version but as wrote with debian/ history mixed is not good so I don't use it anymore

I do not know much about DEP-14. I'd say keep the git branches as is for now.

D/watch simplification should be good.

My only other comment is nemo-search-helpers might want to be in a separate package - fedora has done this and I think it's a good idea
yes, there is also calendar server in cinnamon that should be splitted like what did in fedora because low used (FWIK) and require many additional deps but I think these are secondary things and is good do better packages as possible for 5.4 and after probably will do these splits


*From:* Fabio Fantoni
*Sent:* Friday, June 10, 2022 6:12 AM
*To:* debian-cinnamon@lists.debian.org; Christoph Martin; ItzSwirlz Joshua Peisach
*Subject:* New cinnamon version and possible improve to salsa gits

Hi, today new upstream version was tagged.

xapp and python-xapp are minor versions that can be uploaded to unstable
when ready (I started prepare them but not tested for now).

about cinnamon even if tagged 5.4.0 unfortunately like the other times
several PR merge have been made just before the tag not to mention that
this time a big muffin rebase has just been merged and other major
changes on other components that unfortunately had remained until
yesterday only in PR with too few testing so cinnamon 5.4 is to be
considered in a "beta" (if not "alpha") state currently, I will start
preparing the packages for experimental but they will need be checked
well because several require significant changes, I helped a little to
improve packaging upstream on some components (where in part can get
from it) but may not be complete or good enough for the debian standards
and latest version (upstream need support older versions of debian and

about import of new upstream version as was decided by marga and maxy
many years ago there was fetch of upstream git and merging also it for
history but as saw in latest years is better don't keep upstream history
which can make the debian/  history difficult to use soI would have
thought of not using that thing anymore as norbert and joshua did of
they upstream version imports

about DEP14 (https://dep-team.pages.debian.net/deps/dep14/) even if
still a "candidate" state many project use it, what do you think of
change master branch to debian/latest (or debian/unstable if think is
better) and experimental to debian/experimental? or you think is better
keep master on existing gits for now?

about d/watch I think is good simplify all like this:
is ok or you think there is other needed improvements?

you have suggestions on other possible changes/improvements?

thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english

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