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Re: Additional packages related to cinnamon

Hi Fabio, hi all,

> - mint-themes (and mint-x-icons mint-y-icons required as deps): we may
> consider adding them to facilitate the optional addition of such themes for
> users, @Norbert @Joshua: what do you think?

Not sure this is really necessary. One can install themes already.

> - blueberry: contrary to what I thought it might be worth adding, @Joshua: I

No personal opinion on that.

> - nemo-compare: as already mentioned one of the few extensions worth

Might be nice.

> - mintwelcome: was requested by users but seems a very specific mint thing
> (including some deps) that don't seems good to add in debian, or I'm wrong?

I don't think this is necessary.

> - mintlocale: a tool for easy change language it would be very useful,

I looked into that several times, but it is tied very tightly to mint,
with lots of internal hacks. I am not sure that can be reasonable
packaged and maintained unless upstream provides better collaboration

All the best


(running Arch Linux more or less permanently now, so not sure how much I
can help)

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