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Re: Additional packages related to cinnamon

Il 08/01/2022 04:00, Joshua Peisach ha scritto:
Hi Fabio,

Any mint* packages are specific to Mint and should not be packaged.
I also think it but if we'll no found alternative for language setting a last resort would be to use mintlocale (with some removals/changes) as other distros have done
For nemo-share, just patch.
yes, as told long time ago on latest versions a patch is needed for remove need of mintcommon
I suppose maybe mint-themes could be done but I don't see a big reason to maintain it..
then nothing at the moment, we'll see if there are other requests

As for blueberry, it should be packaged. I do not know what else people use as a lightweight Bluetooth tool alternative and thinking about it, with the new libadwaita changes this could really be helpful and MATE/XFCE could benefit from it. I should make it the upmost priority to be honest.
you want prepare it or I'll do?

Nemo-compare: The 5.2.1 version doesn't have the +uma flag, so the watch file doesn't work. I'll have to look into it but later yes, that and the nemo extensions can be uploaded to mentors.
rethink of what wrote Bage from mentors a d/watch that look to nemo-extensions github should be better, tags are all "x.y.z" and for specific bugfix "extension-name-x.y.z" so should be possible, I did some fast try to match "nemo-compare-x.y.z|x.y.z" but seems I did something wrong with regular expression and did a strange case with new version ".5.2.0" (instead of 5.2.0) trying to be sure with another extension instead of nemo-compare (tests done using "uscan --no-download --verbose")

Other than that, we should talk to the multimedia team about packaging hypnotix, I'd say.
about iptv I used little only kodi, I don't have enough knowledge to know if it's worth it or not, as you wrote ask to multimedia team is better

Also, I recently met tarzeau on IRC, and he sponsored my sc-im package and seems to be interested in pix and other ITPs I have. We should ensure hes in the mailing list if he wants to be serious about sponsoring our uploads.

Speaking of pix, X-apps (xed, xreader, xplayer, pix, xviewer) are not as heavily maintained; plus other lightweight editors (like MATE's) exist. Unless a big reason exists and we can't port the nemo-preview extension, it may not be worth maintaining it.
yes are all forks too low maintained if I remember good, so is not good add them, although I would not be wrong as I did with blueberry


*From:* Fabio Fantoni
*Sent:* Friday, January 7, 2022 2:49 PM
*To:* Debian Cinnamon Team; Norbert Preining; ItzSwirlz Joshua Peisach
*Subject:* Additional packages related to cinnamon

Hi, after that recently some users have request packaging of other
software for improving user experience for what I saw now:

- mint-themes (and mint-x-icons mint-y-icons required as deps): we may
consider adding them to facilitate the optional addition of such themes
for users, @Norbert @Joshua: what do you think?

- blueberry: contrary to what I thought it might be worth adding,
@Joshua: I saw your PR, do you want to continue preparing it yourself or
do I'll prepare the latest version, do cherry-pick of your commits and
other add/changes if needed?

- nemo-compare: as already mentioned one of the few extensions worth
keeping, @Joshua: do you want update to 5.2.1 that contain one fix and
update build you uploaded on mentors?

- mintwelcome: was requested by users but seems a very specific mint
thing (including some deps) that don't seems good to add in debian, or
I'm wrong?

- mintlocale: a tool for easy change language it would be very useful,
already missing for years after upstream removed it in cinnamon. But if
we will consider it, need to be modified and at least the use of
mintcommon would have to be removed. There are also they po files
included in mint-translations. Probably is better do another search for
alternative. What do you think?

Other suggestions that can help to improve cinnamon desktop environment
in debian?

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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