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Additional packages related to cinnamon

Hi, after that recently some users have request packaging of other software for improving user experience for what I saw now:

- mint-themes (and mint-x-icons mint-y-icons required as deps): we may consider adding them to facilitate the optional addition of such themes for users, @Norbert @Joshua: what do you think?

- blueberry: contrary to what I thought it might be worth adding, @Joshua: I saw your PR, do you want to continue preparing it yourself or do I'll prepare the latest version, do cherry-pick of your commits and other add/changes if needed?

- nemo-compare: as already mentioned one of the few extensions worth keeping, @Joshua: do you want update to 5.2.1 that contain one fix and update build you uploaded on mentors?

- mintwelcome: was requested by users but seems a very specific mint thing (including some deps) that don't seems good to add in debian, or I'm wrong?

- mintlocale: a tool for easy change language it would be very useful, already missing for years after upstream removed it in cinnamon. But if we will consider it, need to be modified and at least the use of mintcommon would have to be removed. There are also they po files included in mint-translations. Probably is better do another search for alternative. What do you think?

Other suggestions that can help to improve cinnamon desktop environment in debian?

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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