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Re: Upload new cinnamon builds before freeze

Il 14/02/2021 10:12, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
Hi Fabio,

thanks for the detailed explanaion, tricky situation it is.

@Norbert: what do you think?
Difficult. I think I tend to the 
	Recommends: gnome-terminal

- using tasksel etc to install a minimal system will install
  gnome-terminal via the recommends, that is what we want
- those who install without recommends do this *in full knowledge*
  because they added a command line option of config file,
  so they are supposed to be able to work that out by themselves.


thanks for reply, done in cinnamon packages (that will include also cinnamon installation without using tasksel or metapackages), tested and result ok

I also added an upstream patch that solves some bugs in a default applet (grouped window list) moving app window to another workspace, easy to reproduce and could be annoying for users using multiple workspaces, I did some fast tests with the patch and I unable to reproduce the issue anymore and I don't saw regression.

Can you upload the new cinnamon build please? even if in soft freeze should be be ok

Soft Freeze

Starting 2021-02-12, only small, targeted fixes are appropriate for bullseye. We want maintainers to focus on small, targeted fixes. This is mainly at the maintainers discretion, there will be no hard rule that will be enforced.

Please note that new transitions, new versions of packages that are part of (build-)essential or large/disruptive changes remain inappropriate.

The release team might block the migration to testing of certain changes if they might cause disruption for the release process.



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