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Re: Upload new cinnamon builds before freeze

Hi Fabio,

On Sun, 07 Feb 2021, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
> - nemo-python and cinnamon-desktop-environment have changes (in git)
> that is good to have and there probably won't be any other changes to
> add so I think we can do a new build now. @Norbert: can you do it please?

nemo-python? I don't see anything pending in my git repos?

cinnamon-desktop-environment uploaded.

> - other components like cinnamon, nemo and cjs have bugfixes commits
> good to have but probably is better wait next bugfix only relase instead
> do multiple debian/patches, can be good wait up to 2-3 weeks and do new
> build with new bugfixes and/or debian/patches of some fixes, with
> urgency low? (10 delay for soft freeze). @Norbert: what do you think?

Puuhhh, cherry-picking lots of fixes now is a bit a pain. Do you have a
list of things? I am not sure that in 2 weeks we can get that through
the masters of release.



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