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Re: Cinnamon 4.8

Il 04/01/2021 15:51, David Mohammed ha scritto:
Correct - you'll need to get a ubuntu sponsor - subscribe on the bug
report "ubuntu

FYI - nominal end of support for 18.04 flavour based packages (think
most flavours are committed to 3 yrs support) is around April this
year so you may want to consider that in terms of effort to get
something sponsored for what could be considered an end-of-support
package.  Obviously that doesnt stop end-users continuing to use stuff
until the archive is closed, nor uploading deemed critical issues if
necessary for the entire archive life

For what I remember 18.04 was already with 5 years support (not only server packages) and I (and I suppose also others) use cinnamon and nemo (someone only nemo) from ubuntu (I installed it for my new notebook also in latest days from minimal ubuntu 20.04 and not using flavours), I already have new build on my production computer (that still have 18.04) but I think is good make available also for other users that still use it, for example the first time I saw one of the bug solved is when I umounted the pendrive when on other nemo window file copy was running and nemo crash "broken" it, for example only this crash case with cut/copy running is very annoying and it seems to me quite important for an SRU, or I'm wrong?

The patch for the build is ready, tested reproducing the issues and verified that solved it and I already used it for 2 months in production. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nemo/+bug/1903451 ubuntu sponsor already subscribed (done 2 months ago if I remeber good)

On Mon, 4 Jan 2021 at 14:40, Fabio Fantoni <fantonifabio@tiscali.it> wrote:
Il 04/01/2021 13:55, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
Hi Fabio,

c-d-e uploaded. Thanks!

when I asked for SRU uploaded replied me that also debian developers and
debian maintainers can uploaded to ubuntu with debian keys (if are in
"uploaders" field for the packages) if I remember good (in the old case
Really ... that would be very surprising and interesting to hear,
because I would really also fix calibre in ubuntu which is dead broken
because ubuntu enjoyed pulling a completely broken version ...

Anyway, time for bed now, tomorrow another day on the slopes!
info are few and older, I found this:

I tried an upload with my gpg key of ubuntu account, even with same mail
of one of uploaders field he rejected it:

The signer of this package has no upload rights to this distribution's primary archive.  Did you mean to upload to a PPA?

nemo (3.6.5-1ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * backports patches for fix some crashes:
    - nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix a few issues with mounting/ejecting
      (LP: #1861968)
    - nemo-icon-container.c: clear any existing drag info when the
      icon view's location changes

Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2020 15:20:03 +0100
Changed-By: Fabio Fantoni <fantonifabio@tiscali.it>
Maintainer: Debian Cinnamon Team <debian-cinnamon@lists.debian.org>
@Norbert: if you want try with you debian developer key instead with
calibre (as I saw your are in uploaders field) "dput ubuntu ..." (from
ubuntu is already included by default)

If not works (or not works anymore) like what told a ubuntu developer
years ago the only way will be open a bug in ubuntu with [SRU] and
including the patch and try to ask to irc



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