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Re: Cinnamon 4.8

Hi Fabio,

> The change done make cinnamon working installing cinnamon-core without
> recommends, and previous recommends apps in cinnamon-desktop-environment
> I think is good improvement. I think can be uploaded and if there will
> be further improvements they can also be done later. @Norbert What do
> you think?

All fine with me. So I will upload cinnamon-desktop-environment sooner
of later.

> About nemo in ubuntu 18.04 I prepared a build that fix some crash cases
> (reproduced, I also had them in past), I tested it and used in
> production for near 2 months until now. I think is good do an SRU

> alioth and salsa git for years); @Norbert can you please do that nemo
> SRU upload? (if you can and want)

SRU? Is that something for Debian? I don't have any access whatsoever to



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