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Re: Cinnamon 4.8

Hi fabio,

> gdm have too many deps from gnome DE, lighdm was a good choice except
> the language setting missed (even if select with DM only partially

What about sddm?

> I also don't like snap/flatpak but some users want it, in debian these
> plugin are only suggest and not installed by default, a software center
> is a thing good to have in full desktop installation (at least as
> recommends, so is possibile not install or remove it)

Fully agreed!

> cinnamon-desktop-environment don't make have a DE working, I'll try to
> fix/improve that and I'll do commits in git you will can review.

Thanks in advance!

> P.S. please wait full testing migration of actual packages before upload
> any new build

Of course not!!! But should happen today, and it is weekend here in
Japan, so I will probably have hardly any PC time and more kids time ;-)



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