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Re: Cinnamon 4.8

Il 25/12/2020 21:15, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
> Hi Fabio,
> thanks for your comments!
>> - add/switch language from gui (and install its packages if not already
> Ahh, that old one. I have looked into the mintlocale package quite a few
> times, but it seems a major task to adjust it to Debian standards and
> ways, it is too different. I haven't seen anything else in that way.
>> Ubuntu have language-selector and add language-selector-gnome in
>> cinnamon-desktop-environment recommends for ubuntu can be a solution but
>> on debian I not found something similar :( Someone know something other
>> better?
> We could pull in language-selector* from Ubuntu? 
> And no, I don't know anything else. I would suggest using a DM that
> allows selecting the language.
gdm have too many deps from gnome DE, lighdm was a good choice except
the language setting missed (even if select with DM only partially
"solves" this missing) and I have too low experience on other DM, any
advice? (or I'll look better about them
>> - software center (for install software simply from gui): gnome-software
>> seem a good option for add it in cinnamon-desktop-environment
>> recommends, don't have too many packages as deps/rec., have also
>> firmware upgrade as rec., optional plugins for snap (in ubuntu as rec.
>> instead) and flatpak. What do you think?
> I don't like all these software-center things (plasma-discover,
> gnome-software,...), mostly because snap/flatpak and the like don't come
> on my computer ;-)
> BUT if you think it is a worthwhile addition and useful for cinnamon
> users, by all means, please add it!
I also don't like snap/flatpak but some users want it, in debian these
plugin are only suggest and not installed by default, a software center
is a thing good to have in full desktop installation (at least as
recommends, so is possibile not install or remove it)
>> - a simple backup software is missed and I think is good add one as
>> recommends in cinnamon-desktop-environment; deja-dup can be ok or is
>> there something better? (for example I use it for major of users as
>> simpler also for configure, on my pcs I use instead backintime)
> I have no option here. My backups are more or less unison syncs across a
> few computer ;-)
>> - seahorse (for store password and key from gui) can be ok add it as
>> recommends in cinnamon-desktop-environment?
> Fine with me, that is very useful.
>> - as remote desktop client now there is vinagre (as recommends in
>> cinnamon-desktop-environment), remmina is better and I would like to put
> Agreed, I would also prefer remmina.
>> - some time ago there was also a propose to put atril as default instead
>> evince, as mentioned I don't know if it is a good choice (from some
>> tests and research, atril have simpler gui interface while as support
>> and features is better evince), what do you think about?
> Again, no strong opinion. Evince is good for just viewing a PDF, that it
> does very well, and I still use it for this. For anything else, like
> inspection of information, or print, or whatever, the menues of evince
> are so unusual that I always waste soo much time searching the right
> place.
> Maybe 
> 	evince | atril
> is a good option? Evince is still developed and has probably better
> support and less bugs. Atril has the more common user interface IMHO.
> As said above, feel free to make all the changes necessary!

I did other tests, I saw that other things like that usable desktop is
now possibile only with task-cinnamon-desktop, looking for example gnome
packages make possibile have it working, I also found that ubuntu
minimal install have different tasksel and install
cinnamon-desktop-environment don't make have a DE working, I'll try to
fix/improve that and I'll do commits in git you will can review.

P.S. please wait full testing migration of actual packages before upload
any new build

> All the best
> Norbert
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