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Re: Cinnamon 4.8

Hi Fabio,

thanks for your comments!

> - add/switch language from gui (and install its packages if not already

Ahh, that old one. I have looked into the mintlocale package quite a few
times, but it seems a major task to adjust it to Debian standards and
ways, it is too different. I haven't seen anything else in that way.

> Ubuntu have language-selector and add language-selector-gnome in
> cinnamon-desktop-environment recommends for ubuntu can be a solution but
> on debian I not found something similar :( Someone know something other
> better?

We could pull in language-selector* from Ubuntu? 
And no, I don't know anything else. I would suggest using a DM that
allows selecting the language.

> - software center (for install software simply from gui): gnome-software
> seem a good option for add it in cinnamon-desktop-environment
> recommends, don't have too many packages as deps/rec., have also
> firmware upgrade as rec., optional plugins for snap (in ubuntu as rec.
> instead) and flatpak. What do you think?

I don't like all these software-center things (plasma-discover,
gnome-software,...), mostly because snap/flatpak and the like don't come
on my computer ;-)

BUT if you think it is a worthwhile addition and useful for cinnamon
users, by all means, please add it!

> - a simple backup software is missed and I think is good add one as
> recommends in cinnamon-desktop-environment; deja-dup can be ok or is
> there something better? (for example I use it for major of users as
> simpler also for configure, on my pcs I use instead backintime)

I have no option here. My backups are more or less unison syncs across a
few computer ;-)

> - seahorse (for store password and key from gui) can be ok add it as
> recommends in cinnamon-desktop-environment?

Fine with me, that is very useful.

> - as remote desktop client now there is vinagre (as recommends in
> cinnamon-desktop-environment), remmina is better and I would like to put

Agreed, I would also prefer remmina.

> - some time ago there was also a propose to put atril as default instead
> evince, as mentioned I don't know if it is a good choice (from some
> tests and research, atril have simpler gui interface while as support
> and features is better evince), what do you think about?

Again, no strong opinion. Evince is good for just viewing a PDF, that it
does very well, and I still use it for this. For anything else, like
inspection of information, or print, or whatever, the menues of evince
are so unusual that I always waste soo much time searching the right

	evince | atril
is a good option? Evince is still developed and has probably better
support and less bugs. Atril has the more common user interface IMHO.

As said above, feel free to make all the changes necessary!

All the best


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