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Re: Cinnamon 4.8 in experimental

Il 05/12/2020 13:51, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
> Hi Fabio,
> (btw, are you on IRC in the #debian-cinnamon channel?)
>> Yes also a short usage.
> Great, thanks a lot!
>> wait for unstable, I saw many archs that is failed with experimental,
> Really? I mean, maybe non-release archs, but as far as I see under the
> release archs, there are only three failing cases:
> - cinnamon on i386
> - cinnamon on mips64el
> - cinnamon-settings-daemon on s390x
> * Concerning cinnamon on i386: this is something I need to investigate,
> very strange error ...
> * Concerning cinnamon on mips64el
> ../src/cinnamon-global-private.h:23:10: fatal error: cinnamon-enum-types.h: No such file or directory
>    23 | #include "cinnamon-enum-types.h"
>       |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> very strange again.
>From a fast look a bump (to 4.8) in build-dep of gir1.2-meta-muffin-0.0
and  libmuffin-dev is missed and upstream have other build related fixes
after 4.8.0
> * Concernin cinnamon-settings-daemon on s390x
> Trying a default CMake fallback at cmake
> Did not find CMake 'cmake'
> Found CMake: NO
> No CMake binary for machine 0 not found. Giving up.
> Run-time dependency xorg-wacom found: NO (tried pkgconfig)
> ../meson.build:79:0: ERROR: Dependency "xorg-wacom" not found, tried pkgconfig
> So I guess wacom is not available on s390, and we need to disable it
> somehow.
should be removed for that arch in cinnamon-settings-daemon and
cinnamon-control-center from a fast search
>> from upstream cinnamon I saw some fixes for meson build (too recently
>> merged and too few tests), for example
>> https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon/commit/e9f35d270fab316ebc028f396f6c8a8f51de53c3
>> that fixes build without network manager (and don't seems optional (add
>> nm if found) like before meson so a conditional switch should be added
>> in debian/rules for archs without nm)
> Arrggg, again NM.
> But which **release** archs don't have NM? Cinnamon builds only fail on
> i386 and mips64el (see above), both of which are strange but don't seem
> to be related to NM.

The non linux (FWIR) don't have it and that should be solved adding the
patch above and in debian/rules use it with "ifneq (,$(filter
linux,$(DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS)))", or I'm wrong?

> All the best
> Norbert
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