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Re: Cinnamon 4.8 in experimental

Hi Fabio,

thanks for testing.

> First test upgrading existing installation is ok, no issue found.

Good. Did you do run time / usage tests, too?

> Now I did a new Sid vm (clean install of testing, only base packages and
> after upgrade to unstable) and tried to install directly cinnamon 4.8
> from experimental but I have strange issue, tried "apt -t experimental
> install task-cinnamon-desktop" but failed for unable to solved
> dipendencies, tried "apt -t experimental install
> cinnamon-desktop-environment" and same, also trying with aptitude but is
> unable to resolve the issue. In theory (FWIR) it should get the packages
> from experimental and all the others it can't find from unstable, or I
> remember wrong?

Hmmmm, there might be other factors.
	-t experimental
prefers experimental, that means it might pull in new packages that
conflict with others. Without the actual output from apt I cannot really
say much.

My opinion is: if functionality tests work, we can upload to unstable,
and work from there to fix updates from stable/testing. Only if
functionality is broken to a large degree, we should refrain.



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