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Bug#852170: [pkg-cinnamon] Bug#852170: cinnamon-control-center: Inconsistency in settings for Trackpad (edge-scrolling vs two-finger-scrolling)

¡Hola lopiuh!

El 2017-01-22 a las 11:31 +0100, lopiuh escribió:
Package: cinnamon-control-center
Version: 3.2.1-3
Severity: minor

setting <two-finger-scrolling> to true internaly turns <edge-scrolling> off. But <edge-scrolling> is being able to be true/enabled in the user interface.
Setting <two-finger-scrolling> off enables functionality of <edge-scrolling> again.

I would expect, that <edge-scrolling> is disabled when <two-finger-scrolling> is true. Otherwise UI tells something which is not done by the software.
On the other hand: If both is possible independently again in future we would have loss of functionality. Best would be, old behaviour would be restored,
that both features could exist next to each other independently.


With the release of cinnamon 3.4 this functionality was rewritten and it's now part of cinnamon-common (see cs_mouse.py). The scrolling methods are defined as:
clickpad_list = [[0, _("No scrolling")], [3, _("Automatic")], [1, _("Two-finger scrolling")], [2, _("Edge scrolling")]]
so you can choose either one or the other. I hope this fixes the issue you reported. As far as I understand this, libinput only allows either "Two-finger scrolling" or "Edge scrolling", while synaptics accepted switching them independently.

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