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Bug#895481: cinnamon-settings-daemon: runs gnome-power-statistics without a dependency and via the old desktop file name

Source: cinnamon-settings-daemon
Version: 3.6.2-1
Severity: normal

While checking what gnome-power-manager does and whether it's still a
desirable package to have, I tried asking codesearch.debian.net
what runs its one remaining binary (gnome-power-statistics).

It appears that cinnamon-settings-daemon tries to run
gnome-power-statistics via its .desktop file. However, it is using the
old .desktop filename, gnome-power-statistics.desktop, which changed
to org.gnome.PowerStats in GNOME 3.22; so I don't think this has worked
since before stretch.

cinnamon-settings-daemon also does not have a (strong or weak) dependency
on the gnome-power-manager package. It should perhaps have a Suggests,
at least?


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