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Re: Bug#975007: src:xmds2: autopkgtest times out on ppc64el (and sometimes on amd64) Re: Bug#976401: uftp: autopkgtest regression in testing: rm: cannot remove '/tmp/uftp-test-data': Operation not permitted Bug#978988: node-mqtt: autopkgtest regression in testing: Error: Timeout of 2000ms exceeded Bug#979002: rust-libm: autopkgtest failure on i386: 1.10009765625 is not equal to 2.0 Re: Bug#979450: booth: autopkgtest fails on ci-worker-ppc64el-01 (but apparently not on other ppc64el workers) Bug#979480: mpi4py: autopkgtest failure on arm64, armhf and ppc64el Bug#979583: golang-github-spf13-cobra: autopkgtest regression in testing: date of execution is capture in comparison Bug#979620: sonic-pi: flaky armhf and arm64 autopkgtest on unknown bpm Bug#979621: pandas: autopkgtest regression in testing: No tables found Bug#979664: apache2: autopkgtest regression in testing: Failed test 2 in t/modules/data.t at line 21 Bug#979716: autopkgtest: is flaky Bug#979836: icu: autopkgtest failure (fixed in experimental) Bug#979838: twisted: autopkgtest regression in testing: No such file or directory: 'ckeygen' Bug#979840: dns-root-data: autopkgtest regression in testing: failed to query server Bug#979841: rdflib: autopkgtest failure: cannot create directory ‘build/py3_testing’ Bug#979843: python-django: autopkgtest regression in testing: 'image/vnd.mozilla.apng' != 'image/png' Bug#980082: r-bioc-shortread: autopkgtest failure in testing and unstable Bug#980090: r-cran-dbplyr: autopkgtest regression Bug#980111: pam breaks frr autopkgtest on armhf and ppc64el: non-zero exit status 1 Bug#980192: ruby-2.7: autopkgtest regression in testing: Errno::ENAMETOOLONG: File name too long Bug#980193: rust-flate2: autopkgtest regression in testing: [librust-flate2-dev] build failed Bug#980194: mat2: autopkgtest regression in testing: AssertionError: ValueError not raised Bug#980195: ts-node: autopkgtest regression in testing: Cannot find name 'process' Bug#980228: kservice: flaky autopkgtest Bug#980231: node-mysticatea-eslint-plugin: autopkgtest regression in testing: 'es5.js' should include existing rule 'multiline-comment-style' Bug#980256: git-buildpackage: autopkgtest armhf regression: /usr/bin/python: not found Bug#980257: puppet-module-puppetlabs-mysql: autopkgtest regression in testing: Service "mysql" is expected to be enabled Bug#980369: glslang: autopkgtest regression: undefined reference to `ShConstructUniformMap' Bug#980448: ucx: breaks openmpi autopkgtest Bug#980574: gitbrute: autopkgtest needs update for new version of git Bug#980575: kworkflow: autopkgtest needs update for new version of git Bug#980576: mercurial: autopkgtest needs update for new version of git Bug#980740: r-bioc-geoquery: flaky autopkgtests failing to download test data Bug#980751: petsc: breaks multiple autopkgtests: undefined reference to 'MPIU_SUM' Bug#980809: rmatrix: breaks autopkgtest of r-cran-glmmtmb on s390x Bug#980956: r-cran-magrittr breaks r-cran-dbplyr autopkgtest: could not find function "split_chain" Bug#980957: llvm-toolchain-11 autopkgtest segfaults on armhf Bug#980964: pdns: flaky autopkgtest on s390x Bug#980965: pdns-recursor: flaky autopkgtest on ppc64el Bug#980967: bats breaks ruby-build autopkgtest: /usr/libexec/bats-core/bats-exec-file: line 194: bats-exec-test: command not found Bug#981286: node-mimic-response: autopkgtest regression on !amd64: Cannot find module 'iconv' Bug#981287: jupyterlab-server: autopkgtest regression: No module named 'anyio' Bug#981289: udunits breaks gnudatalanguage autopkgtest Bug#981293: metastudent-data breaks metastudent autopkgtest: 255 Bug#981342: mpich: autopkgtest failure on s390x Bug#981422: xdg-utils: autopkgtest failure: make: dh: No such file or directory silxs autopkgtest wham-align autopkgtest exclusion end The last update was on 21:00 GMT Sat Jan 30. There are 52 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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