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Re: Bug#975007: src:xmds2: autopkgtest times out on ppc64el (and sometimes on amd64)

Hi Rafael,

On 18-11-2020 19:20, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On 18-11-2020 08:54, Rafael Laboissière wrote:
>>> Your package has an autopkgtest, great! However, it fails due to
>>> timeout on ppc64el (after 2:47 hours) and regularly on amd64 too. Can
>>> you please investigate and fix the situation?
>>> To avoid needlessly stress our infrastructure, I'll block this package
>>> on ppc64el until this bug is fixed.
>> Thanks for the heads up, Paul.
>> Since the xmds2 package has a huge amount of unit tests and since they
>> involve numerical computation of complicated problems (partial
>> differential equations), running the whole set of tests takes usually a
>> lot of time.
> Is that really the problem? Is ppc64el so much slower than the other
> architectures (I didn't just now check the numbers, but thought they are
> regularly *much* lower)? Also, what makes the difference for the timing
> out ones on amd64? The load on the host?

I just noticed that all the tests that timed out on amd64 in the last
two months were done on ci-worker13. That is our most powerful host.
Maybe it's capable of a bit too much? Too much parallelism? Race conditions?


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