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Re: [UDD] Is there any information about failed autopkgtest in UDD?

Hi Andreas,

On 09-04-2020 22:53, Andreas Tille wrote:
> valid_keys = ( 'run_id',
>     #           'created_at',           # Paul Gevers: should be ignored
>     #           'updated_at',           # Paul Gevers: should be ignored
>                'suite',
>                'arch',
>                'package',		# ----> should be renamed to 'source'
>                'version',
>                'trigger',               # usually package.*version
I expected you to mostly see "" or "migration-reference/0" here, with
some hand crafted text from random DD's.

>                'status',
>                'requestor',             # 'britney', 'debci' or e-mail

Debian login to be precise, not e-mail.

>                'pin_packages',          # []

Since a couple of months this json and other pages only show "pure"
suite runs, to pin_packages is always empty. pin_packages contains which
packages are taken from another suite than the base suite.

>     #           'worker',               # Paul Gevers: should be ignored (is 'null' anyway)

Oh, bug somewhere I guess.

>                'date',
>                'duration_seconds',
>                'last_pass_date',
>                'last_pass_version',
>                'message',               # see below
>                'previous_status',
>     #           'duration_human',       # Paul Gevers: duration_seconds and duration_human feel double and the former is leaner for in a database
>     #           'blame',                # Paul Gevers: should be ignored
>              )
> # message can be
> #  $ grep '"message"' packages*.json | sed 's/^.*\.json: *//'  | sort | uniq
> #  "message": "All tests passed"                                        -> "status": "pass"
> #  "message": "Could not run tests due to a temporary testbed failure"  -> "status": "tmpfail"
> #  "message": "elbrus"                                                  -> "status": "tmpfail"
> #  "message": "Erroneous package"                                       -> "status": "fail"
> #  "message": null                                                      -> "status": "fail"
> #  "message": "No tests in this package or all skipped"                 -> "status": "neutral"
> #  "message": "Tests failed",                                           -> "status": "fail"
> #  "message": "Tests failed, and at least one test skipped"             -> "status": "fail"
> #  "message": "Tests passed, but at least one test skipped"             -> "status": "pass"
> #  "message": "Unexpected autopkgtest exit code 20"                     -> "status": "tmpfail"
> I agree that leaving out worker which is really always null makes sense
> but I tend to leave message since leaving this out looks like loosing
> information.  I tried to find a relation to status but it seems the same
> status can result in different messages.  I think just a field in addition
> will not blow up UDD way more than it recently is - may be I consider
> a normalised form, but usually UDD is not very normalised at all.

In general this is the final output from autopkgtest. But, as you see my
name there, I had to clean up several times and to be able to find those
back, I added my nick to the message. The list thus may change over time.


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