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Re: [UDD] Is there any information about failed autopkgtest in UDD?

Hi Andreas,

On 08-04-2020 22:17, Andreas Tille wrote:
>>> for all source packages (in the same way as for deepnano) which seems to
>>> be no straightforward way.  I wonder whether you could drop some easily
>>> parsable file containing
>>> 	source	architecture	pass	version	version_that_has_passed_before
>> You're missing the suite here. So, we already have that info, you just
>> need to loop over suite/arch. It's really in the json I already
>> mentioned: packages.json. Please use that.
> OK, I'm using that.  Its way more close to what I need.  I simply
> started with your first hint. :-)


> Do you see any chance to also mention blacklisted packages in
> packages.json?

Antonio, what do you think? If we expose the blacklist, I can also have
britney consume it.

> The json file contains the following values:
> 	'run_id',
> 	'created_at',
> 	'updated_at',
> 	'suite',
> 	'arch',
> 	'package',    ## that field will be named 'source' in UDD!
> 	'version',
> 	'trigger',
> 	'status',
> 	'requestor',
> 	'pin_packages',
> 	'worker',
> 	'date',
> 	'duration_seconds',
> 	'last_pass_date',
> 	'last_pass_version',
> 	'message',
> 	'previous_status',
> 	'duration_human',
> 	'blame',
> I would consider to simply take over all these values as columns.
> Is there any documentation for these fields?

Yes, but not entirely in one place (at least I couldn't easily spot it):

> Would you consider this a sensible approach for an UDD gatherer?


> May be you consider some fields as really restricted to some
> special applications and nobody would ever consider querying
> UDD for it?

Yes, I wouldn't add blame (I don't think we add those anymore, it's
legacy, I only found two occurrences on amd64), created_at and
updated_at. I also don't think that worker and message are very useful,
but one never knows. duration_seconds and duration_human feel double and
the former is leaner for in a database.


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