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Re: Bug#956152 closed by Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> (Re: Processed: rabbitmq-server: fails to install reliably on arm64)

Control: reopen -1

Hi Zigo,

We may end up that we conclude that there's something wrong in the
ci.debian.net environments, but I don't appreciate the speed and ease
where you close this bug. Downgrading fine, but closing within a day
after I answered your previous question sounds a bit quick on Debian

That said, on the ci.debian.net infrastructure, we're not doing anything
weird. We bootstrap lxc containers and we install packages into it.
Maybe Antonio can chime in to add any oddities but I am not aware of
any, so I think my claim of it being unreliable still holds, with 7/10
mcollective reference tests in testing failing solely due to this [1].

What kind of information do you need to be able to help fix this issue
in our quite normal environments? I can try to cook up is a empty test
that doesn't do anything more than install rabbitmq-server and see if I
can get it to fail on one of our workers while I am watching. What kind
of logging would you need than? What kind of state info?


PS: the "Not creating home directory `/var/lib/rabbitmq'." error is also
present in the successful runs, so as Michal Arbet already said, that
can't explain the failure.

[1] https://ci.debian.net/packages/m/mcollective/testing/arm64/

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