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Re: Bug#902920: diffoscope: be triggered by all the reverse-recommends

Thanks Ian for your insight!

On Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 03:59:11PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> My approach is to autogenerate debian/tests/control.  I have a rune
> which updates it, and a test case which fails when I forget :-).

So it seems this is pretty much the only sane way around this.

> (In my case debian/tests/control is generated not from debian/control,
> but from the test files which contain annotations about their
> dependencies, restrictions, etc.)

This would also be the case for us.

>    Tests: hint-testsuite-triggers
>    Depends: gnupg, patch, diffutils
>    Restrictions: hint-testsuite-triggers
> The effect of putting something like that in your debian/tests/control
> is that autopkgtest will always skip the test, but the Depends get
> copied to Testsuite-Triggers and used by ci.d.n.

Mh, in our case we have this entry:
    Tests: pytest
    Depends: diffoscope, python3-pytest
    Restrictions: needs-recommends
If I go down the route of autogenerating d/tests/control I could simply
drop the (as Paul pointed out, unreliable) needs-recommends restriction,
and have all the recommends spelled-out in the Depends field.

Do any of the diffoscope contributors have any hard feelings on me
making d/rules yet longer and implement the above?  It would end up with
another bit to update whenever a new debian relations in added in the
external_tools, even if done semi-automatically...

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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