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Re: Bug#902920: diffoscope: be triggered by all the reverse-recommends

Hi Mattia,

On 03-07-18 15:49, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> I would like to have all the recommended packages in the
> Testsuite-Triggers field, but I can't figure how to accomplish that
> without duplicating the list of packages a 3rd time (one in d/control,
> the other in diffoscope/external_tools.py).
> Any hint from the CI team would be appreciated.

I don't have a quick other option for you. britney doesn't know this by
itself, you have to tell it by either depending on it or having the
Testsuite-Triggers mention them. I guess, that dpkg could be made such
that it adds Recommends to the Testsuite-Triggers if "needs-recommends"
is set, but you'd need to convince the dpkg maintainers to do that
(and/or provide patches).

Note: needs-recommends is fragile. apt will not fail if it can't install
recommends (bug #901444), and neither does autopkgtest (bug #896698).


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