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Re: Bug#902920: diffoscope: be triggered by all the reverse-recommends

Mattia Rizzolo writes ("Re: Bug#902920: diffoscope: be triggered by all the reverse-recommends"):
> Mh, in our case we have this entry:
>     Tests: pytest
>     Depends: diffoscope, python3-pytest
>     Restrictions: needs-recommends
> If I go down the route of autogenerating d/tests/control I could simply
> drop the (as Paul pointed out, unreliable) needs-recommends restriction,
> and have all the recommends spelled-out in the Depends field.


> Do any of the diffoscope contributors have any hard feelings on me
> making d/rules yet longer and implement the above?  It would end up with
> another bit to update whenever a new debian relations in added in the
> external_tools, even if done semi-automatically...

One question is how bad a problem you want it to be, if the update is
not done.  In dgit I chose to make it a test failure, but not a build


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