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how do you want your britney commits (unfinished)

Paul Gevers:
> Hi Niels,


> On 12-09-17 22:15, Niels Thykier wrote:
>> Paul Gevers:
>>> - adjust britney2 to not block on autopkgtest failure but instead adjust
>>> the required age depending on the results (lower for pass, raise for
>>> regression)
> Do you already have an idea in mind how this could/should be
> accomplished? While going through britney, I see several (most, if not
> all, of them hacky) ways this can be done.

At the moment, no, I do not have a brilliant idea.

Short term/for testing purposes, I would just add a comment in the
excuses and then leave the aging as it is.

> One idea of mine is to create an internal urgency that the age policy
> can take to adjust the age. If that is the case, I guess I have to make
> sure the order of policies is correct. Minor point, but was it your
> intent to change to know urgency ages? Or e.g. age to 20 days, which is
> no urgency age, when regressions pop up?
> Paul

I think we would prefer modifying the age-requirement over urgency
fiddling.  Among other because changing the urgency is "exclusive" so we
cannot have multiple policies altering the aging in that case.

But I do not really have a good way of doing it atm. (either way)


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