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Automated test not running for octave-optim

* Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at debian.org> [2017-09-28 10:30]:

> On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 11:52:10AM +0200, Rafael Laboissi?re wrote:
>> Ok, I created the branch debian/stretch-backports in the Git 
>> repository and prepared version 0.10~bpo9+1 for upload.  I filed a 
>> request at rt.debian.org and am waiting for my name to be added at to 
>> the backports ACL.
> Thanks. Just FWIW the reason I asked you to upload the backport instead 
> of uploading it myself is that I don't have access to my GPG key at the 
> moment, and won't have it until late in the weekend. Unless you receive 
> a very fast response for you ACL request, I could do the upload early 
> next week to speed things up. Feel free to ping me.

There was no reaction to my request at RT.d.o.  I think you can go ahead 
and do the upload as soon as you get access to your GPG key.  There is no 
need to ping me before.



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