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how do you want your britney commits (unfinished)

Hi Niels,

On 01-10-17 08:36, Niels Thykier wrote:
>> Do you already have an idea in mind how this could/should be
>> accomplished? While going through britney, I see several (most, if not
>> all, of them hacky) ways this can be done.
> At the moment, no, I do not have a brilliant idea.

Good to know. This eases my mind a bit.

> Short term/for testing purposes, I would just add a comment in the
> excuses and then leave the aging as it is.

If I read you correctly, I think I would be nearly so far now that we
could start doing this once debci is enhanced to listen to britney and
provide feedback (hi Antonio). We could use the temporary failures
instead of the currently used hard failures or the to be implemented method.

Have you already looked at the current state? If so, are there already
comments you like to share?


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