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Bug#844459: autopkgtest: Please add autopkgtest-virt-uchroot

Hi again,

Quoting Johannes Schauer (2016-12-08 18:10:18)
> Firstly, because the autopkgtest-virt-* program is in the same process group
> it will also receive the Ctrl+C sent by the user and will immediately clean
> up and exit. The problem with autopkgtest doing that from the sbuild point of
> view is, that sbuild doesn't expect that the underlying chroot vanishes
> without sbuild telling it to do so. Now you could say that this just means
> that sbuild has to be adapted to be able to handle the backend behaving that
> way. Unfortunately that would mean for the autopkgtest backend to be more
> limited than other backends. For example there exists an sbuild hook that is
> triggered when the build fails.  An sbuild user might want to run this hook
> to automatically collect statistics of the build environment after the build
> was aborted. This doesn't seem to be possible right now with the autopkgtest
> backend because at the point that the hook is to be executed, the backend
> already terminated itself. It would be great if sbuild could tell the
> autopkgtest container to please ignore any SIGINT (or any other signals
> outside signals that would lead to autopkgtest shutting down the container).
> I could imagine this to be implemented as a command line option or an
> environment variable.  Would you be open to patches?

if you don't like this: I just figured out how to place autopkgtest into its
own process group. Thus, the Ctrl+C is not anymore forwarded to autopkgtest and
thus, sbuild is left with closing the session.


cheers, josch
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